What is it?
Science to Take Action
Science Artistry
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What is it?

Understanding Science

The care for the visual aspect of communication boosts the understanding of science.

Terrae is a network of content and visual designers experienced in the communication of scientific disciplines such as climate, agriculture, geosciences, emergency and natural hazards.

Visualizing Science

Arts and Design are agents of trustworthy relationships between Science and Society.

We believe the integration of arts, languages and scientific narration allows the creation of original narratives that can increase the comprehension and understanding of the scientific meaning.

Science to Take Action

[…] knowledge can no longer be ascribed to, or produced within, disciplinary boundaries, but is entirely entangled.

Scientists are called to engage a wider audience, not only to share their knowledge, but also to adise decision-makers and the public. But, the “information deluge” requires an accurate and careful design of communication processes to reach the right audience at the right time with the right and validated information.

Hence, communication should be practiced as an interrelated process in which the different competencies and techniques work together entangled.  The aim is to make scientific meaning clear and understandable: define the communication goals, analyze the information needs of end users, design beautiful and engaging communication experiences.

Authentic communication contributes, with techniques and languages, to respond to the need for information and knowledge. Knowing and using the results of scientific research is important to take informed decisions,  and so decrease our vulnerability.

We need a dream-world
in order to discover
the features of the real world we think we inhabit.

Paul Fayerabend, Against Method

Photo by Alessandro Zanoni (C)

Science Artistry

Visual Culture

The cultural identity of the 21st century is driven by visual culture.

In present time, mediating technologies are one of the main technical and design challenges of the emerging information age.

Ars Loci

Art produces new understanding of the world around us.

Integrating theoretical and practical elements of art and design to grant access to science and research outcomes.

Beauty of Science

The challenge: create beautiful narrative of complex disciplines.

Combine historical-social and scientific knowledge, nourish them with beauty and creativity using arts and technique .

Who is it for?

Do we, as scientists, need to concern ourselves with whether or how the information is used? SHAFER M. 2008

A New Challenge​

Nowadays scientists are called to leave the ivory towers of academia to raise awareness among a wider public.

Open Access to Science​

Give access and facilitate the use of science based information, to make people more competent users of science.​

Yanking Out of the Silos

Create collaborative and trans-disciplinary hub for new and innovative multimedia narratives of science knowledge.

Culture presumes an environment in which deep attention is possible.
Byung-Chul Han, In the Swarm

Photo by Alessandro Zanoni (C)

What we do

Holistic, creative, narrative and visual driven approach.


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